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We provide a completely customizable set of solutions, which depend solely on your requirements, the nature of your business and your budget. For larger jobs, we'll devise a package once a preliminary review has been conducted and make sure that all costs and investments are completely transparent.
Localization Services
Scaling Software to Global Markets
Selecting the right localization suppliers for your company is critical in making any non-US product release a success. How to select the vendor, ensure that they have adequate language resources, a reliable turnaround time and can integrate seamlessly into your release cycles is not easy when you don't understand the terrain.

We provide access to consistently high-performing suppliers, can provide multiple disciplines from internationalization to quality assurance, marketing experts and multimedia.

We ensure that you have a clear idea of costs involved, a clear timeline for delivery and maintain open communication and transparency in all project phases.

We also help you set up a system that works for everyone to minimize the internal hit on your development team while maximizing the functional and linguistic quality of non-US products.

The world is constantly changing and it's important to be able to align your product to the most appropriate markets worldwide to ensure that it reaches its full market potential.

Peviously, many companies tracked what larger companies were doing and followed their Tier-1 country lists (France, Japan etc.) when making decisions about which markets to enter. Well, if you're not a social media company, why would you follow Facebook's choices or nyone elses, for that matter? Competitor data are vital, but should be one of man data sources when making new market-entry decisions.

Some of the smartest moves recently for small companies is to compete in emerging or frontier markets, where established competitors are doing a poor job.

We can help you with data sourcing, analysis, competitor analysis and economic and industry insights to work out the best strategy for your product to ensure the best return on your global investments.
Globalization Technology
End-to-End Global Product Release
Some localization technology has barely changed in 20 years; others are moving with industry changes and addressing key pain points for both the localization business and also for software development. 

It can be an expensive mistake to invest in the wrong technology when it doesn't align to your company's requirements.

We have experts available to analyze your infrstructure, advise on available options, and provide independent recommendations to help you succeed in managing your non-US product releases.
We provide resources to help guide you through the complete cycle of a global product release, and can support multiple platforms and deployment models.

Depending on your specific industry/needs, we can provide compliance coverage and guidance on exit criteria in a new market.

Most companies underestimate how much investment will be involved in a new market entry. We make sure you have a clear idea of the investment upfront and help devise schedules and workflows to ensure an on-time delivery.

We also advise on how to scale to large simultaneous releases and how to ensure success when making a large push to expand across multiple regions.

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  1. APR 26
    Collision - New Orleans (Apr 26-28 2016)
    Skeyne Global will be attending Collision in April to meet with tech startups and gain insights into the latest industry trends.
  2. JUN 08
    Loc World - Dublin (Jun 8-10 2016)
    Skeyne Global will be presenting on Compliance Issues in fast-paced releases to the largest Localization Conference in Europe in 2016.